How It’s Done

The Center helps its partners overcome barriers to climate alignment at the firm, sector, and system levels

At the Firm Level

The Center supports individual financial institutions to implement climate-alignment commitments through collaboration with complementary initiatives.

At the Sector Level

The Center enables collective action with solutions ranging from targeted problem-solving efforts to wholesale sectoral climate-aligned finance agreements.

At the System Level

The Center works primarily through engagement and facilitation, advisory positions, partnerships, and thought leadership projects to shape the operating environment and address barriers common to all financial institutions, such as data availability, regulatory clarity, and integrating concepts of influence into alignment frameworks.

What Our Partners have to say
about the Center

Marisa Buchanan, JPMorgan Chase
Global Head of Sustainability

“RMI’s Center for Climate-Aligned Finance is an important partner in our efforts to drive action toward the goal of reaching net-zero emissions globally by 2050. We appreciate the Center’s efforts to work together with the financial sector and a diverse range of industries to develop thoughtful and pragmatic solutions that identify pathways to decarbonizing the real economy.”

Mary Wenzel, Wells Fargo
EVP and Head of Sustainability and ESG Integration

“The Center provides a unique platform for the financial sector to align approaches and methodologies that collectively drive us, our customers, and their communities toward a net-zero future. We look forward to continuing to partner with Center staff as Wells Fargo works to meet our own goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, including financed emissions, by 2050.”

Andrea Barrack, TD Bank Group
Global Head of Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship

“We recognize the critical role that the financial sector plays in helping to enable the path to a low-carbon economy for the benefit of our customers and the communities we serve. Managing a successful transition toward a climate-aligned financial sector requires working collaboratively and scaling for impact. We are proud to join the Center for Climate-Aligned Finance in this collective effort to improve the environment so people and economies can thrive.”

Founding Partners

Strategic Partners