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The Center’s Knowledge Hub is a curated resource for financial institutions, policymakers and regulators, and other stakeholders interested in climate-aligned finance. The Hub features the Center’s latest thought leadership, including reports and tools like the Climate AIR (Alignment, Impact, and Risk)  Toolbox, as well as guidelines, standards, insights, and tools from external experts. 

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Climate Air Toolbox

The Climate AIR Toolbox helps financial institutions identify and access the different types of tools, frameworks, and platforms available to measure and report their climate-related alignment, impact, and risk.

Climate-aligned finance explained, plus insights on recent trends and market developments on climate alignment across the financial sector.

Latest trends and developments in climate-related financial policy and regulation.

Insights, best practices, and guidelines on how to best implement climate alignment across financial institutions.

Insights on how sectoral approaches can best support climate alignment and real economy decarbonization. Updates, best practices, and relevant case studies from our sectoral work streams.


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Climate-Aligned Finance 101 | December 21, 2022

Getting Down to Business

Enabling Action and Enhancing Credibility in Net-Zero Banking Using a Portfolio-Led Approach

Sectoral Alignment | December 16, 2022

Banks Bet on Green Steel

Green steel financing commitments offer a replicable model for climate-aligned finance

Climate-Aligned Finance 101 | September 28, 2022

Finding Signals in Noise: Transition-Relevant Data and Metrics

Banks need to prioritize efforts, actions, and finite resources to most effectively facilitate their alignment journey toward net zero. Adopting transition-relevant data and metrics to guide decision-making is a critical piece of this puzzle.

Financial Regulation | August 5, 2022

RMI public comments on Community Reinvestment Act Proposed Rulemaking

RMI's comments to the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for amendments to the Community Reinvestment Act outline our support for this historic proposal and our recommendations for what investments are needed to build climate resiliency in LMI communities