This page focuses on the Center's sectoral work. If you are interested in joining the Center or wish to learn more about our other work, please contact us.

Sectoral Alignment: Calendar of Work

The Center for Climate-Aligned Finance is the premier platform for deep, sector-specific problem-solving to enable sectoral climate alignment commitments in the financial sector.

We develop robust solutions to common barriers to alignment: conflicting methodologies, lack of common benchmark scenarios, inadequate data access, and—crucially—the lack of a level playing field. Solutions include developing guidance, tools, and climate-aligned finance agreements like the Poseidon Principles and the Sustainable STEEL Principles.

The Center uses a two-phase process to develop sectoral solutions. We first conduct an assessment, which identifies the barriers that financial institutions face in making sector-specific climate alignment commitments and taking meaningful steps to meet those commitments. Second, we convene and facilitate working groups to overcome these barriers. Working groups are led by financial institutions, facilitated by the Center, and built to enable the involvement of industry, experts, and advocates.

The Center’s objective is to create solutions that are built to deliver impact in the real economy at global scale. As official Net-Zero Banking Alliance Collaborators and with a network of partners across leading sustainable finance initiatives, the Center is committed to supporting the harmonization of alignment efforts.

The calendar of work below shows the status of various sectoral working groups and assessments at the Center as of Q4 2022.


Poseidon Principles launched.


Sustainable STEEL Principles launched.


Aviation Climate-Aligned Finance Working Group launched in April 2022. Expected completion and launch in Q1 2023.


Aluminum Climate-Aligned Finance Working Group launched in June 2022.


Expected launch Q1 2023

Real Estate

Scoping work underway. Market testing expected to begin in December 2022.